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to the web-site of the association for tourism in Javerlhac and Chapelle Saint Robert

in the beautiful green Perigord.

The commune is part of the Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin. On its territory are four monuments historiques: the castle and church in the village Javerlhac, a fomer royal forge with two bridges at the hamlet Forgeneuve, and in the village of Chapelle Saint Robert a roman church recently renovated.

We have several footpaths (hiking paths) - the oldest and best known is the one called  "de la Pierre Virade".

The village of Javerlhac has many “amenities”

  • Town hall (open monday to friday, saturday closed)
  • Post office (open from tuesday to friday 9-12 and 2-4 pm, saturday 9-12, closed on monday)
  • Hotspot wifi (in front of the town hall)
  • Central Bar – bistro/menu
  • Hotel/restaurant/bar
  • 3 Bakers (on tuesdays and fridays pizza to order)
  • Butcher shop (picnic food)
  • Chemist
  • 2 Doctors full time in the village
  • 3 Hairdressing salons
  • Grocery store open daily
  • 2 Garages, 1 fuel+mechanics, 1 mechanics
  • Other services available
  • Fish store (mobile) tuesday morning only
  • Burger bar (mobile) sunday evening only

Tourist information is open during July+August, monday to friday 10 am to 12 am  20 route d'Angoulême, 24300 Javerlhac-et-la-Chapelle-Saint-Robert

The office and website are staffed by volunteers. Therefore news and updates are completed when time allows.

* The castle of Javerlhac, 16th century,

* Forgeneuve, lmill, former blast furnace which produced canons (17th-18th century),

* The church Saint Etienne in the village Javerlhac (12th, 18th century) with a twisted spire.

* The church Saint Robert in the village Chapelle St-Robert, (12th century).

Hotspot Wifi

in front of the 'mairie'


News of Friends -

Javerlhac tourisme

Informations sur Javerlhac-et-la-Chapelle-St-Robert, actualités et histoire, activités touristiques. Site de l'association Javerlhac Découverte ex syndicat d'initiative.

Public bookcase in Javerlhac - by webmaster 18/02/2022 ! 21:45 

Since end of January 2022 we have a public bookcase in the village of Javerlhac.

There are not yet any books in English.

public bookcase-javerlhac


(18/02/2022 ! 21:45)

(30/12/2021 ! 21:32)

Cleaning of the fountain - by webmaster 15/10/2021 ! 11:04 

Yesterday I cleaned the fountain, fontaine des dame also named fontaine des amours. It nearly desappeared under weeds. For more cleaning an engin is needed.

Fountain bevore cleaningThe fountain before the cleaning

and half an hour later



(15/10/2021 ! 11:04)

Javerlhac on France Bleu Perigord radio - by webmaster 03/06/2021 ! 20:59 

France Bleu Périgord was in Javerlhac on Wednesday June 2nd for 5 interviews about fountains, fishing in the Bandiat river and a forest in the wetland near the Bandiat.

You can listen to the interviews from Monday June 14th to Friday June 18th at 11:50 a.m. and 5:20 p.m.

The webite of Au fil de 'eau (with replay).



(03/06/2021 ! 20:59)

A missing painting - by webmaster 21/12/2020 ! 14:35 

A painting was given to the church of Javerlhac in 1849. It is not mentioned in the inventory of 1906 and nobody has seen it. Maybe it is still somewhere in an attic

The original Sebastiano del Piombo "La visitation". 



(21/12/2020 ! 14:35)

Digitization of the historical recoords - by webmaster 14/11/2020 ! 20:32 

Our association digitalized the registers of the village councils from 1790 to 1970. There are 3 dvds at the mairie of Javerlhac.



(14/11/2020 ! 20:32)

Summer 2020 - by webmaster 06/10/2020 ! 18:23 

A picture from the Tour de Limousin 2020 coming through Javerlhac

Tour-Limousin 46


(06/10/2020 ! 18:23)

Tour du Limousin in Javerlhac - by webmaster 20/08/2020 ! 12:49 

Yesterday, August 19th, the Tour du Limousin came through Javerlhac.

You can find pcitures on Wikimedia Commons Here For reuse you have to credit the author! Traumrune

Tour-Limousin-Javerlhac-web.jpgPhoto Traumrune, 2020


(20/08/2020 ! 12:49)

Results elctions 2020 - by webmaster 19/07/2020 ! 22:47 

Only in French smiley

Le nouveau maire de Javerlhac-et-la-Chapelle-Saint-Robert est Jean-Pierre Porte.

Vous trouvez la composition du conseil municipal sur le site officiel de la commune

Le 15 juillet notre communauté de commune a élu son nouveau président Gérard Savoye.

Un résumé de la séance sur le blog Citoyens Périgord Vert ICI


(19/07/2020 ! 22:47)

Results élection municipale 2020 - by webmaster 13/04/2020 ! 15:10 

Below the results of the elections in march 2020. 14 aout of 15 "élus" was elected. Depending on the decisions of the President, there will be a second vote in June or a new election in 2021.



(13/04/2020 ! 15:10)

Last import : 06/10/2022 ! 08:05

Good to know

There is a bus from Angoulême to Nontron via Javerlhac (ligne 20).

Since January 2020 it costs  2 Euro to go to Angoulême (with the return ticket 3,60 E). The bus stops on the place 8 Mai 1945. NLes horaires sur le site du Conseil général de la Charente (ICI)